donderdag 22 maart 2018

Woman of Purpose Interview Jovanka Pigot

Wo(man) of Purpose

I finally get to share this amazing interview with you. Last week I had the privilege to sit with this young beautiful and intelligent sisterJovanka Pigot​. She is a woman of faith, she has her own advice and counceling agency in law and legal rights. She helps entrepreneurs with their contracts and rights. But she also organizes  International Christian Events/Conferences to empower and activate woman to step up and to step out!
Jovanka is a strong woman of Faith that strongly believes in being the head and not the tail. She believes in not just dreaming, but in living your dreams. In stepping up and walking out your Faith.
Let's step up, step out, connect and support one another in walking out our purpose.

Conference information:
Make sure you come and be inspired by the Woman of Grace Conference. On 20 & 21 of April.
Tickects: more info

Connect with Jovanka Pigot.
Instagram: Qarah81

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zaterdag 3 maart 2018

Woman of Purpose interview Francisca Payne

Woman of Purpose, I am so, so, so blessed to be able to introduce this powerful woman of purpose. I would like you ladies to meet Francisca Payne. She is a powerful woman of God helping other ladies to walk out their purpose. She is a life calling strategist, a coach, a international speaker and a christian author. She coaches woman all over the world. "If you don't know how to walk out your calling, she will support you and help you with practical tools so you can continue your journey succesfully". If you are looking for a effective coach or inspirational speaker with a foundation in God, Francisca is the powerwoman you need. Full Interview: More info about Francisca: Website: Facebook - personal: Facebook - business: LinkedIn: Her books are available in every online bookstore and through her website: Follow Francisca on Instagram: Ladies if you have been inspired by this interview: You know the drill: Thumbs up! for Like!!!! Share it with your co workers, family, friends, sisters anyone that can use some inspiration. Subscribe to stay up to date for more interviews with great, powerful ladies of purpose! And connect with us on our FB page: Woman of Purpose: VisionsThoughts&Dreams NMJ

zaterdag 9 december 2017

Woman of Purpose Interview Mercelien Pinas


 Woman of Purpose

Last Monday I had the privilege to interview this beautiful woman of purpose. Mercelien Pinas. I worked for Mercelien 3 or 4 years ago at the children daycare het koninkrijkje. I was so impressed with this great woman of faith. She owns 3 successful businesses and she is raising up two daughters by herself.

Being a black woman and a woman of Faith I love to hear these testimonies, cause it shows us that all things are possible for those who believe and put actions to their faith. Mercelien is the owner and director of Children Daycare Het koninkrijkje, she managed to put up a succesful daycare in the midst of all the storms when daycares were closing doors due to the economic setback. In the midst of it all she went out in faith and created her own opportunity. With great success. Last year she was nominated for entrepreneur of the year 2016. She also owns a non profit singlemoms club and recently started a sportclub for kids activities at David Lloyd sport center.

In this beautiful and powerful interview you will hear all about her faith journey, how she managed to accomplish her businesses and how she stands her ground in walking out her purpose.

Connect with Mercelien Pinas

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zondag 12 november 2017

Stepping Out My Comfort zone

Stepping Out My Comfort zone

Monologue Crazy!
You all know me? I am on fire when it comes to acknowledge and embrace the talents, the gifts and dreams God has given you. I also believe that part of achieving what we want is by stepping out of our comfort zones. So if I talk about it, I also have to do it. I have to admit that I sometimes want things to be perfect before I step out, but I learned a long time ago, it doesn't always work like that. If we wait for perfection we will never step out. We have to step out and work with what we have in our hands on that season, the rest will follow up. So that is what I am gonna do with my acting. Those who know me, knows that acting is my heart's desire. So I decided to film my journey and process. Today I filmed myself doing a dramatic monologue from Mindy Jones: Crazy!

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maandag 23 oktober 2017

Woman of Purpose Interview Sefanja van Dijk

Last Saturday I was blessed to sit and talk with this beautiful young lady. Sefanja van Dijk. She has been blessed with multiple talents and gifts. She is the creator and face behind Lois Rose Wellness & Beauty. She works with all hair types from all kinds of cultures, she does make up for every event. She absolutely knows how to work her creative hands. Her compassionate heart of faith will encourage and inspire every cliĆ«nt. She will definitely make you feel like royalty. What is also her ultimate goal. She recently started on a project A beautiful reflection. A project  where new mothers learn to embrace their body and beauty as a new mother. I had the privilege to sit and talk to her about faith, purpose, God and beauty. I was very encouraged by her words of wisdom. Check out the interview and be inspired and hear what makes a person truly whole and beautiful.

More info and how to book Sefanja van Dijk:
Instagram: SefanjaRachelle 

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zondag 24 september 2017

Interview Michelle David

Woman of Purpose
#praise God for a new morning today. You woke up this morning that means that His plan for your life has not yet been completed. Don't get caught up in the distractions of the world that you miss out time to sit before God and to discover your purpose here on earth. Your purpose, your reason for being and living is hide in the #heart of the Father. Make it a #priority to seek after #Gods heart and His will for your life. He willgive you good orderly directions into where you need to go to fullfill your #divine purpose here on earth. When we are cluttered with all the noise, rumors and negativity our spiritual ears are closed for the voice of Gods spirit. Take a step back, tap into your #creator and unlock the #key to fullfill your #assignment here on #earth . If you havent seen the #interview I had with Michelle David go watch it and fill your #spirit with words of #truth #faith #life and purpose. If you want to go somewhere learn and surround yourself with those who have gone before you. Michelle David is a #woman of #purpose, a gospel and #soulsister#singer an #actress #tvhost #radiohost and #producer. Full interview:
If you are walking out your #calling, walking out your purpose, connect with me to bring your story out there to inspire other ladies to embrace and to walk into their #purpose. We were born for such a time as this.
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Intevriew Michelle David

dinsdag 12 september 2017

Woman of Purpose Interview Michelle David

Woman of Purpose

In 2003 I was introduced to this beautiful black woman. She came to give a singing course at the school I attended back then. She was confident, beautiful, wearing her fro like a beauty queen. Her voice was amazing, but her love, patience and kindness made it all complete. I was so inspired by the energy of this woman. We performed that year, we all graduated and I never saw her again, until 1 day. I was at a gospel event with people like Kirk Franklin. While I was singing and enjoying I saw this lady that I knew from back then on stage. It was Michelle David. I came home, I googled her and found her. Since then we stayed connected. She has been performing, creating and doing so much as an artist. She is a real inspiration to me. Without knowing she has shown me that heart and hard work eventually pays off.

Michelle is a gospel/soul singer, actress, tv, radio host, vocal coach, director and media producer. She is an all woman. She traveled around the world with different musicals and gospel shows like Mama, I want to sing, The Golden Gospel singers, The Sound of Motown, Mahalia and other great shows. She has been singing vocals and supporting singers like Diana Ross and Micheal Bolton. Since 2000 she is one of the beautiful ladies of Big Black and Beautiful. She also performs as a solo singer with the band Gospel Sessions. Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions. Keep your eyes and ears open cause Gospel Sessions Vol.3 is coming out very soon. Michelle David an all woman. A woman with a sound of inspiration, of life, of love and purpose.

If you want to read and know more about Michelle David, her shows and cd’s check out the website: follow her on YouTube: Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions.
Or visit the FB pages: Michelle David:
Or go to Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions:
For cd’s and songs go to: -

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