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woensdag 29 juli 2020

Finance ΅The secret language¨

Financial literacy is one of the most important things we need to know and learn in order to create wealth. And unfortunately it's the one we lack the most. Do you know that the wealth have multiple sources of income.They are never dependent on only one source of income. They have at least 7 streams of income. Even the bible talks about multiple streams of income.I personally have always been interested in stocks, investing and finance and business in the online world. So I'm on the journey of exploring and discovering everything that is out there. And I want to encourage you to do the same.
Check this out and learn more about one of the multiple ways of building wealth. It all starts with education.

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dinsdag 28 juli 2020


Meal prep heb jij er al van gehoord? 
Meal preppen is het klaar maken van meerdere maaltijden voor een later moment of voor de rest van de week. Je bewaard het in speciale bakjes die je weer in de vriezer kunt bewaren.Het bespaart je tijd, je geld en je eet gezonder.

Hoe en met wat je het allemaal kunt klaarmaken ontdek het hier
Love it 

Hoe en met wat je het allemaal kunt klaarmaken ontdek het hier
Love it ❤️

Financial education

💁🏽💁🏽‍♀️Man & Woman of Purpose
Let's talk about financial wisdom 💵

What kind of steward are you when it comes to financians? Are you aware of your money blue print? Let's talk about it!

What type of investor are you? Where does your hard working money go? Do you have short and long term goals you want to achieve or are you an impulsive spender? Check the quiz and discover where you stand and how to invest wisely so you can benefit from it in the long run.⛹️‍♀️⛹🏽

Do the quiz to find out!
Quiz link 5 Trading - What Type of Investor are You?/


vrijdag 27 maart 2020

Woman of Purpose Top 5 list to do while we are in quarantine

1.As a believer my faith is what keeps me going and that gives me faith that everything is gonna work out. If you have never took the time to take one still moment and to reflect on life and your creator now is the time.
2. Connect with your loved ones. Call them or video call them. Give them the attention, the love and appreciation you normale don't get to do because of your busy and crazy work hours.
3. Invest in yourself join an online course. Check out the Woman of Purpose online course. It's all about Purpose, talents and gifts. If you are tired of wasting your time in things and people and you really want to get a better understanding of who you are and what you have been designed to do. Then come and join the 4-week online course or sign up for the 1 week boot camp online course. Check the link for more info:
4. Take time to invest in yourself. Read a book on spiritual growth or self development. Some great books I recommend are The Power of Your Mind by Chris Oyakhilome. Believe Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels. Mindset by Carol Deck and Becoming by Michelle Obama.
5. Listen to a great inspirational and transformational podcast Some of my favorites are:
1. The woman of Purpose podcast by Nadira Jansen. A podcast where great woman of big faith are sharing their journey of purpose and giving their advice on how you too can do the same.
2. The redefining wealth podcast by Patrice Washington. She talks about wealth on a whole other level. It's all about faith, personal development, business, finance and health.
3. Dreams in drive by Rana Campbell. She talks about stepping out and following your heart desires and being successful in it. And
4.The spectacular one, he was a successful artist from the group Pretty Ricky, lost every money they made because of bad management of his father. He stepped up, changed his lifestyle and his mindset and worked his way up as an entrepreneur and is now owner of 14 successful companies. He is the face behind many millionaire successful businesses. Learn from his wisdom and
5. The Goaldigger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher. She interviews succesful business owners and share some of her most succesful stories, tips and strategies to activate you doing the same. 

This is my top 5 list, I can guarantee you if you take time to invest on these tips, you will transform and discover a whole new, stronger and better version of yourself. Your time on earth is valuable, seek Gods Purpose for your life.
Be safe, stay in prayer and be in Purpose,

woensdag 15 januari 2020

Woman of Purpose Online Cursus

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies,
Big Announcement. Het heeft even op zich laten wachten. Maar ik ben superblij dat ik nu van de daken kan roepen dat mijn Woman of Purpose Online cursus binnenkort van start gaat en dat de deuren voor aanmelding nu geopend zijn. Een cursus waarin we op ontdekkingsreis gaan naar jouw dromen, naar jouw talenten, naar jouw kracht naar jouw visie en jouw purpose. Meer info over de cursus: Share to inspire another lady of purpose ❤️🙏🏽❤️🙌🏾 I really appreciate all of your support ladies ❤️


dinsdag 7 januari 2020

Woman of Purpose Interview Satcha Maduro

Yeaaaaahhhh I am super excited to share my latest interview with you. It has been a journey but the interview is now a reality. Listen to the wise and powerful words that Satcha is sharing with us.
Who is Satcha Maduro-Valies? Satcha is woman of great faith. She is the face behind the "Boost Your Life events." Satcha is a coach, an inspirational speaker, a author, a podcast host and she is a mother and wife. In this interview we will be talking about Satcha's journey. How she managed to get out a 30.000 euro debt and started a new succesful business while still in debt. We will be talking about the importance and power of a vision. What is it that kept Satcha focussed and not giving up on her dreams, talents and goals in the midst of all her problems. Satcha talks about the importance of a mindset-shift. How many of us are conscious or unconscious blocked to prosper because of a poor mindset. In this interview she will also be sharing about her personal life and struggles that she experienced as a mother and as a woman. This interview will give you so much wisdom, revelations and keys that you want to use while you are walking out your purpose in this life.

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zondag 10 november 2019

What happened in London

Mission complete. My vlog just went on the air. I went to London in September. Yes, guys September. It's November. (due to Computer problems)
But we made it, the travel vlog to London is out! Watch, enjoy and look at all 
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