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donderdag 30 april 2015

What I have been up 2?

I have been doing a lot. Some are fun, some are tough. But I know in order to achieve some goals you gotta complete some tasks that aren't always fun.
Well the things I have been up to: I have been working on different school projects. We had to perform a few weeks ago @ the Doelen in Rotterdam. This is one of the best perform places in Rotterdam. Our production was a music theatre part we did with Codarts. Another art school in Rotterdam.

The next step I have been taking is reading books about women in business. I have been reading a great book of Ivanka Trump. The Trump Card. She shares a lot of great tips what it takes to be successful in life and in business. Isn’t that what we all want. Don’t we all just want to do what we have been called to do and be successful at it? I know I do? That’s why I'm reading, researching, discovering, searching for the keys how to be creative and successful?

@t this very moment I’m working on a new project from out Bijlmerpark theatre. Our group name is Punt! Meaning Point!
It’s a combination of poets and dancers. We will be having a few performances this year and we will be performing on The Fringe Festival later this year in Amsterdam.
From out the theatre school RTCH I’m part of a production where we talk about the motivation, the reason why women decide to pick up weapons during the war. Lately there are women fighting in the army too, we share their story’s why they decide to go into the front line to fight. We’ll be sharing the story of Tanja Neimeijer, Angela Davis, Jeanne D'Arc, Hannie Schaft, Shilan and the women from Africa. It will be a beautiful, powerful and deep stage play, a story that needs to be told. Cause too many times the media only share what they want to share. Our story will be raw, true and pure. Stories that need to be told, words that need to be heard.
So if you are free come out and see our show on:
22, 23, 29, 30 and 31 of May. Friday @ 7pm.
Saturday and Sunday @ 5 pm.
Location: Mathenesserdijk 293 in Rotterdam

Last week I had a meeting with the girls from my own poetry show: The Voice of A Woman. Jessica Riedewald, Patricia Silva and Bellita Carol. We are working on the show, with new topics. You will be seeing us back on stage sharing the stories of a woman and talking about self esteem in every aspect of life. And of course we want to hear your opinion too? Stay up 2 date for more info about the show?

I still have more things I want to share about what I have been doing. But I’m getting ready to go to Amsterdam for rehearsals with my poetry group. But just one last thing I want to share before I leave. Some wise words I heard Shania Twain saying in The Aprrentice:  Any real success comes with the hardest work. Just when you think you had enough and You can’t take it anymore. That’s when you have to push a little bit further, try a little bit harder, your success is waiting there for you right around the corner.

So as I’m sharing this with you, I’m also sharing this with myself.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,


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