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zondag 1 januari 2017

What are you gonna do with the time you have left?

1st day of a New Year

I wanted to ask all my brothers and sisters and to all the people in the world what are you gonna do with the time that you have left? Time is the most precious gift we have in life. No money in the world can buy time. Even though we often wish we could hold on just a little bit longer at the moment in that season.

I remember I had a season, I was constantly thinking about the future. Constantly working and only looking at the destination, that I forgot to enjoy the process. Until God opened my eyes and showed me that even in dry seasons there is a purpose. I may not have understood it then, but now I realize that God was forming me. God prepares and forms us for where he wants to take us. It's just like Joseph, he was sold by his brothers, became a slave and was thrown into prison. He had to go through a lot of persecution to become all that God created him to be. Even though he knew from a very young age that he was called for something great. He knew God had a big plan for his life and still he had to go through all of this. God had a reason for his season. Joseph might have not understood it then, but years later he saw the bigger plan God had with every season of his life. God was forming him, and instead of complaining Joseph used his time wisely and was still doing what he was called to do. Even in prison he continued to work with that God had given him. He used his time wisely, he didn't become weary in well doing and stayed close to the heart of God. And when it was time God lift him up and he became one of the most important person in Egypt standing beside Pharaoh.

There are a lot of distractions, negative sounds and meaningless things that surround us daily. I know that no one is here just by accident and that God knew us before the foundation of this world. I also know that we were born for such a time like this. Are we doing what God has called us to do, or do we get cut up in things that have no meaning at all. As a believer, I have noticed how important it is to stay connected with our source, that we seek first his kingdom. As it is written seek first the kingdom and his righteousness, and all the other things shall be added to you. So I want you to think about it. What are you gonna do with the time you still have left?


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