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dinsdag 12 september 2017

Woman of Purpose Interview Michelle David

Woman of Purpose

In 2003 I was introduced to this beautiful black woman. She came to give a singing course at the school I attended back then. She was confident, beautiful, wearing her fro like a beauty queen. Her voice was amazing, but her love, patience and kindness made it all complete. I was so inspired by the energy of this woman. We performed that year, we all graduated and I never saw her again, until 1 day. I was at a gospel event with people like Kirk Franklin. While I was singing and enjoying I saw this lady that I knew from back then on stage. It was Michelle David. I came home, I googled her and found her. Since then we stayed connected. She has been performing, creating and doing so much as an artist. She is a real inspiration to me. Without knowing she has shown me that heart and hard work eventually pays off.

Michelle is a gospel/soul singer, actress, tv, radio host, vocal coach, director and media producer. She is an all woman. She traveled around the world with different musicals and gospel shows like Mama, I want to sing, The Golden Gospel singers, The Sound of Motown, Mahalia and other great shows. She has been singing vocals and supporting singers like Diana Ross and Micheal Bolton. Since 2000 she is one of the beautiful ladies of Big Black and Beautiful. She also performs as a solo singer with the band Gospel Sessions. Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions. Keep your eyes and ears open cause Gospel Sessions Vol.3 is coming out very soon. Michelle David an all woman. A woman with a sound of inspiration, of life, of love and purpose.

If you want to read and know more about Michelle David, her shows and cd’s check out the website: follow her on YouTube: Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions.
Or visit the FB pages: Michelle David:
Or go to Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions:
For cd’s and songs go to: -

Want to know more about: Visions, Thoughts, God given dreams, Talents, Gifts, Faith Journey and Divine Purposes join the group in Woman of Purpose on Facebook. (The one connected with NMJ Productions):



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