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zondag 12 november 2017

Stepping Out My Comfort zone

Stepping Out My Comfort zone

Monologue Crazy!
You all know me? I am on fire when it comes to acknowledge and embrace the talents, the gifts and dreams God has given you. I also believe that part of achieving what we want is by stepping out of our comfort zones. So if I talk about it, I also have to do it. I have to admit that I sometimes want things to be perfect before I step out, but I learned a long time ago, it doesn't always work like that. If we wait for perfection we will never step out. We have to step out and work with what we have in our hands on that season, the rest will follow up. So that is what I am gonna do with my acting. Those who know me, knows that acting is my heart's desire. So I decided to film my journey and process. Today I filmed myself doing a dramatic monologue from Mindy Jones: Crazy!

Drop a message, share if you liked it and if you guys have any request for monologues you want me to do. Let me now?


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