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donderdag 22 maart 2018

Woman of Purpose Interview Jovanka Pigot

Wo(man) of Purpose

I finally get to share this amazing interview with you. Last week I had the privilege to sit with this young beautiful and intelligent sisterJovanka Pigot​. She is a woman of faith, she has her own advice and counceling agency in law and legal rights. She helps entrepreneurs with their contracts and rights. But she also organizes  International Christian Events/Conferences to empower and activate woman to step up and to step out!
Jovanka is a strong woman of Faith that strongly believes in being the head and not the tail. She believes in not just dreaming, but in living your dreams. In stepping up and walking out your Faith.
Let's step up, step out, connect and support one another in walking out our purpose.

Conference information:
Make sure you come and be inspired by the Woman of Grace Conference. On 20 & 21 of April.
Tickects: more info

Connect with Jovanka Pigot.
Instagram: Qarah81

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