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zaterdag 12 november 2011

Working to realise your dreams!

How easy it is to have dreams, it's another story to have good dreams and it's a whole other story to realize those dreams. We all have them; we all desire to live our dreams. In each and every one of us there is a seed we have been carrying around since we were children. Every morning I wake up and now this is another special day given to me. Another day closer to realize my dreams. I already wasted too many years in believing the wrong thoughts and the wrong ideas. It took me a while to truly understand and realize that all that I needed God already planted in me. I have to work today to change tomorrow. What I do today will influence tomorrow. I’m also learning to face reality when it comes down to realize your dreams you have to be ready to face battles because the road to your destiny isn't always easy. Sometimes it's like the closer you get the harder you have to fight. Fighting circumstances, fighting people, and yes, even yourself. In this life I’m learning how important it is to encourage yourself because sometimes everything and everybody seems to be working against you.  Right at that moment when you need them the most. I learned that if you can't encourage yourself, if you don't believe in the treasures that God placed inside of you the whole world around you can say whatever they want to encourage you, but if you don't believe it, that seed inside of you will never grow up and unfold in what it was supposed to do! So stand up and take responsibility over your life!

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