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woensdag 12 november 2014

The journey continues

The last 2 weeks have been very very busy. As some of you may now I auditioned at RCTH theatreschool in August. Well 2 weeks ago we had our first presentation. We had to make a short presentation of 10 min of a stage play “What a beautiful day”!
While rehearsing we had people visiting to see how it all works at the theatreschool. The 2nd day we had to perform. A week later I had my poetryperformance about life, love and hope. It was a 15 min performance with acting and music in it.
The one that I liked the most was a piece I wrote a few months ago.  While participating in a mentor traject I won with Leonie Jansen. The title is I seek a man? In this performance I talk about all the things I seek for in a man :) I go through all the things we ladies do before we go out on a date and prepair ourself for that 1 special person that we want to, need to, gotta have. It was recorded so I hope to be able to post it on my blog very soon!

While prepairing and following my dreams, I’m also researching, going out on seminars, meeting up with other creative, innovative people. Finding, discovering what I can do, what I can bring with my passion, talents and gifts to the community and the world I’m living in. How can I be inovative? Times have changed and times continue to change. There are so many talented, gifted, educated people out there that cannot find a job, that cannot make a living of what they love to do. They are the best singers, the best actors, the best writers, the best (fill in 4 ureself). Because the market, the business, world economy have changed. I used to think I’m gonna work at a theatre or art organisation. Well I had to change that plan. Not because I lost my passion for theatre and art, no not at all, but a lot of the theatre and art organisations are closing, not hiring, due to financial crisis. Even the big ones out there. And this is happening with the whole art and culture scene, only those who are being innovative are the ones keeping there head on top! So I had to change plans and ask myself. Oke, what is it that needs to be change? What is it that the world needs today? How can I use my acting, poetry and organisationskills in a time like this? I still believe everyone can create his or her own job with that what has been given to him/her. We just have to flow and walk ahead of the changes in this world. We have to ask ourselfs what is it that the world needs? Where is there a problem and how can I bring a solution for that problem? What are people willing to invest in?

That is why I go out on business meetings, seminars, workshops to brainstorm with other like minded people. That is why I’m reading books and researching on topics like innovation, creativity, technology and social media. And I’m learning that there is a whole new world out there.
So tuesday I visited a business meeting from Rabo Bank. It’s a bank with a mission to invest in entrepreneurs that are investing in the community. This was a meeting to share idea’s and to see what we all can do to build up and make the community in Rotterdam stronger. A very interesting business meeting. I also met some other creative entrepreneurs and had a good talk with them. So I’m gonna meet up with them to brainstorm on new idea’s and see how we can help eachother.

I’m always in to brainstorm with other like minded people on how to be innovative as an artist in this world today. So if you have something on your mind or want to share something on this subject just let me know!

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