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zondag 2 november 2014

Bijlmerpark Theatre

Upcoming friday 7 and saturday 8 November @ Bijlmerpark Theatre me and other great poets will be sharing some of our latest works. Be there! I will be talking about love. Here is one of the poems that I will be sharing.

The Beauty of a woman

Once I gave my heart away to a man who didn’t know how to appreciate love. At the end he gave me back my heart, broken and full with scars. I was walking around in circles, going back and forth trying to put the pieces back together. But just like a mirror, once it is broken the scars will always be seen. Until I met my Father and He decided to give me a new heart. And taught me some words of wisdom:

I made every woman like a queen, to be treated as royalty; I gave every woman the wisdom and the knowledge to think and to teach generations to generations that a woman has the strength to stand on her own feet. Not to be depended upon or desperate for the love of any man, because love and life come from me. A woman is made to be treated with dignity and respect. Not only in the beginning when things are always fun, when he spoils you with diner by candle light, with cards and roses but also in those times when there is rain and storm.

So to every woman give yourself the time, because he can be here today and try to walk away the next day. If he is worth it he will appreciate and give you your time. And if he is the one he should love you fulltime, over time, all the time. Just like my father said, you are a queen and should be treated as royalty and don’t settle for anything less!


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