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vrijdag 6 maart 2015


Wow, I don’t even know where to start but there has a lot going on. I started the theatre school in September. I have been learning and practicing a lot on different actingmethodes and writingmethodes. Rehearsals, rehearsals and rehearsals. Beside that I also got an opportunity from Bijlmerparktheatre to work on a new poetry production. I participated last year in a project Talentlab with 4 other poets. So this year we will continue as a group. We have been brainstorming on how to mix dance and poetry together. This time we’ll also be working with dancers. Keep your eye open for my poetry group. Point! Is our group name and we will be performing in different places this year. Yaaaayyyyy
So I have been working, writing, brainstorming and jumping from town to town, doing what I love the most.

And this is the one thing that is so important doing what I love the most. The only reason I can give my all, even when the process gets tough sometimes is because it is what I love to do.

Beside that I have been reading books about entrepreneurs, watching a lot of motivational speeches, seminars, visiting business meetings and listening to radio/podcast shows about entrepreneurs. Something what I love 2 do. To stay up to date and informed about the market of entrepreneurs.

The book I'm reading at this moment, I truly suggest everyone that is interested in having a successful career in work and life to check this book out! It has become a New York bestseller so you won't regret buying and reading this encouraging, funny, inspirational, eye opener: It’s a book written by Ivanka Trump: The Trump Card. A book about reaching goals and the do’s and don’t if you want to be successful in your work and in life.

So this is it for now. Next time I will be sharing more inspirational talk :) :) :)
Check the photo of the book I'm reading and some of my photo's of last week's presentation.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,


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