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maandag 20 februari 2017

VisionsThoughts&Dreams in LA

When I was in Los Angeles I had to record one of my poems in the Hollywood area. So I took my selfie stick and went outside, the sun was burning on my skin, but I couldn't leave the love of my life without introducing her to my passion. I had to combine those two together. The butterflies I feel inside each time I look at her beautiful sunset, the sound of the rhythm that becomes one with my heartbeat, the blush on my face by just calling her name. California you and I we have things thing going on. You rock my world. All my creativity and my ideas come to life when I inhale the energy of dreams and visions that God has blessed you with!

Sit down and count your blessings. Always remember the good times, it will strengthen you! 
Be Blessed and Be a Blessing


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