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vrijdag 4 augustus 2017

Woman of Purpose - Mayra Dorff

Woman of Purpose

Yesterday I had the privilege to sit and talk with this beautiful Woman of Purpose. Mayra Dorff
Mayra Dorff is a woman of faith, full with creative talents and gifts. She is the face behind Authentically You. A jewelry line that brings out the beauty, strength and uniqueness of each and every woman. In this interview we will be talking about her creative journey of faith, talents, visions and purpose. Enjoy the video, subscribe, like it, share it and be inspired.

You carry gifts, talents and seeds of greatness within you. Seek after God's heart and you will find your purpose.

If you want to find more about Mayra Dorff and the Authentic jewelry she makes follow her on Instagram: or go to her FB page:
And after the summer you can visit her website on:

Nadira Jansen - NMJ

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