dinsdag 18 november 2014

A day out the Life of a Creative Artist

My hands are itching, my fingers are dancing ready to write a new post. The more I’m writing on what’s on my mind, the more I’m loving it! So many days I felt like I wanted to write and share something but then I had no Idea what to write about. And today I felt I’m just gonna share what’s going on on a regular day in my life. On my journey as a Creative Artist.

Well I have been doing all kinds of researches about creativity and innovation. Reading books, blogs, articles and so much more. I’m aware of the chainges in the artscene and that is why I continually ask myself what can I do to be different? What can I do to stand out? What can I do with my talents and gifts to make a difference in my community and in the world today?

One of the changes I want to see in the community I’m living in here in The Netherlands is more Cultural Diversity in the professional theatre and actingscene. I also want to help others where I can. I’m always out there giving advise, sharing information and encouraging others to fulfill there dreams. I’m not there yet, I’m on my own journey but I do think creative artists and entrepreneurs should help each other and learn from one another. The me, myself and I additude has to stop, it’s about we and us and how can we help eachother to become better in our profession.
So two days ago in the shower, How I love the shower. I love the hot/ warm water, the fragrance of soap and wash gel, I’m crazy about it. Especially fresh citrus, ocean, sweet and almond fragrances. From parfume to washing powder I just love things that smell good, but above all. I get the best Idea’s under the shower!
I think that is the moment we really relax, under the hot/warm water.

So I got a great Idea what I’m gonna work out and I hope It will inspire a lot of other creative artists. That is my mission. So stay tune.

Other things I had to do and what I love too do:
  • Singing praises to the Lord
  • Reading my bible
  • Writing a new poem at 5am on my phone
  • Writing an essay about Cultural Diversity in the Dutch theatre and actingscene.
  • Thanking for a link about a black stage play in theatres now, about black slaves.
  • Writing a short scĂ©ne about stress at the workplace.
  • Learning more about blogging
  • Reading a book of Sir Ken Robison about finding your creativity back (TED speaker)

Well this was it for now, stay Creative, Innovative and always yourself

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,


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