dinsdag 12 mei 2015

Women as warriors

As you all may know us from RCTH are working on a production: Women as warriors. This will be performed at the festival 75 jaar oorlog in de stad.

What is the motivation, the reason why women decide to pick up 
weapons during the war. Lately there are women fighting in the army too, we share their story’s why they decide to go into the front line to fight. We’ll be sharing the story of Tanja Neimeijer, Angela Davis, Jeanne D'Arc, Hannie Schaft, Shilan and the women from Africa. It will be a beautiful, powerful and deep stage play, a story that needs to be told. Cause too many times the media only share what they want to share. Our story will be raw, true and pure. Stories that need to be told, words that need to be heard.

So if you are free come out and see our show on:
22, 23, 29, 30 and 31 of May. Friday @ 7pm.
Saturday and Sunday @ 5 pm.
Location: Mathenesserdijk 293 in Rotterdam

Regie: Sylvia Weening
Cast: Filomena Dias, Marieke Veling, Marianne Smit, Nadira Jansen, Jet van Schie, Rita Rehorst

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