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maandag 25 mei 2015

Women as Warriors

I'm thankful I'm able to give a voice to the women in Africa.
Democratic Republic of Congo is a richfull place with minerals like cassiterite. There is a war going on in the world for these minerals that are being used in our technical luxury. It's heartbreaking to know the truth about the secrets behind our technical luxury. In Democratic Republic of Congo rape is being used as a weapon for war. Latest research has shown that 48 women are being raped every hour. A war that has been going on for rich and wealth. ‪#‎How‬ much technical luxury do we actually need?#

Come and hear more stories from: Tanja Neimeijer, Angela Davis, Jeanne D'Arc, Hannie Schaft, Shilan Hamid. 

We are still performing the show: Women as Warriors. 
29, 30 and 31 of May. Friday @ 7pm.
Saturday and Sunday @ 5 pm.
Location: Mathenesserdijk 293 in Rotterdam
Purchase your tickets now online:

Regie: Sylvia Weening
Spel: Filomena Dias, Jet van Schie, Marianne Smit- Merkuur, Marieke Veling, Nadira Jansen, Rita Rehorst

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