maandag 29 juni 2015

Blog Challenge day 1

Hi Alex,

Love what you are doing for us. You really inspire me in writing and pushing through to fulfill my dreams. I live in The Netherlands, we are a few hours ahead. Here it’s already midnight. I just got home from work and started to write the blog challenge. It is not my best writing cause It’s very hard for me to be focused at this time. My best concentration is usually in the morning. Right now I’m fighting to keep my eyes open so I don’t fall asleep. But I had to, I really had to complete this challenge cause I always want to learn and become better at what I do.

Describe your tribe?
The people I try to connect with are men and women, especially women with big dreams and goals. Women that are not afraid stepping out and putting work into action to fulfill their dreams. I'm talking to women who feel inside their souls that life is more than working a 9 to 5 job. Women who want to get the best out of themselves. Women who are not afraid to step out. I'm talking to women that have a mentality of helping others, women that are not looking down on other people. I'm talking to creative, innovative women that had to fight to get where they are. Women who had to start from the scratch to make it to the top. Women that want to learn how to get to the top. I want to share my stories with everyone, but there is something that really disappoints me, something that I feel that need to be changed I want to see more women in the black community rising up. I don’t just want to see them working as cleaners or doing the dirty work. I still see that too much. They are not all cleaners. Being a black woman rising up in a black community, knowing that there is so much talent and potential among black women I really would like to see more of them rising up and being spotlighted. There is a lack of black female rolmodels. They are out there, but we don’t get to see them on a regular base. So I also speak to women with a cultural divers background.

Why did you choose to focus on serving this group of people?
The reason why I want to serve this group is because I can relate to them. This is the group that inspires me. Everything I do, I had to learn from the scratch. No rich family, no real rolmodels or family members that really went to college. The only rolmodel I really had was my mom. She sometimes had more than 1 job to be able to raise 4 kids and pay the bills. After that there was really nothing left over for any luxury like holidays. Seeing that all around me, I decided that my life was gonna be more than just work and paying bills. When I see a black woman on top it gives me strength to push through. It inspires me, that is what I also want do and be for others. For young girls/ women that want to get more out of life than just living their life working on someone else’s dream. I want to inspire them to get the best out themselves and give them clear tools to use.

What makes you the expert on solving their problems with your product or service?
I know the importance of having rolmodels, I know how it feels wanting to do more, but not knowing where to go or who to ask. I know how it feels not knowing what to ask. I also know how it is to step out and trying it along the way.

What is the one message that you hope these people take away from your blog?
I want people to be inspired after reading my blog. I want them to feel encouraged in following their hearts and digging deeper to discover their God given talents. I want them to feel stronger about themselves. I also want to give them clear tools they can work with after reading my posts. I don’t just want to say follow your heart and believe in your dreams without giving them something they can really put into practice. I want them to leave with something that will bring them a step closer to their dreams.

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