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zondag 7 juni 2015

A packed bag

The sun rise and kisses her face. Songs of birds dancing to the rhythm of her heartbeat. Today is the
day, the day she waited so long for, the day she waited a lifetime for.

Too many heartbeats passed away. Time flew by with no returing page. Fear of the unknown kept her hostage, day by day. Until one day life hit her in the face of reality. Today is given, but no one knows what tomorrow will bring. For too long she died away in her own lie, living the dreams of someone else. Cause of fear, fear of the unknown.

A packed bag
Rich, full of historical memories
Has been greeting me at my front door
More than eternal days ago
Waiting to be picked up

I didn’t see
An attached note with a plan for me
About life’s purpose and its meaning

A written story that needed to be unfold
There was a place she had to go
A journey to be walked
A mission to complete
A voice needed to be shared

No Idea?
Where the road was heading to
How to walk the walk
And spread the voice
She told me not to worry
To just pick her up
And trust the road of her walk

It wasn’t her first time,
She had led many others before
In a time with no black and female rights
She led slaves from darkness into light
From Egypt into the desert
From the desert into the promise land
She inherent keys to all secret places
Shining in the back of her memories
Never afraid to walk into the unknown
She had her Godly guidance
All she ever needed to know

A packed back
Rich, full of historical memories
Enriched with generational dreams and visions
With voices of Kings and Queens
Where Nations rising up living the true meaning of its creed
And all humanity has equal rights
With no distinguishing of colors
Full with phenomenal beauties reflecting the inside
Dressing up with dignity and pride
Like diamonds in the sky
Waiting to be revealed
To be the head
The cover of a world leading magazine

This packed bag
Rich, full of historical memories has been waiting days and nighttimes
For someone like you
A unique master of artwork with a dream with a voice
With a leap of faith to pick her up
To walk her out
Like or Kings and Queens back in the days
With boldness, unashamed
Wanting to make a difference, wanting to make a change
Someone who faces fear and flaws
Someone who is able, perfectly and wonderfully made to design and create
New rich, voices and memories for our future days. There is a packed bag, rich, full of historical memories waiting at your front door!

I would like to hear the stories of your bag, feel free to share what you are planning to pack your bag with?

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

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