dinsdag 30 juni 2015

Blog Challenge day 2

The story of how I became an entrepreneur

I’ll start from the beginning. My passions are acting, poetry, movies, motivational speakers and education. Back in college I always wanted to create my own projects. I wanted to work with young adults and help them to develop their talents. I wanted to bring creativity, education and social problems together by creating theatre shows and workshops. I always had big plans to go around the world and work with other creative and educational organizations. I was so happy when I graduated and received my bachelor as a social worker.

Unfortunately, in that same year was the economical break down for everyone around the world. Almost every job for social workers were stopped and canceled by the government, because of financial problems. After searching for a job in my area for four years I decided to just start with creating my own shows. It was driving me crazy not to be able to put in practice what I had learned in college. It was driving me crazy going to work, giving all my energy in creating someone elses dream while I wanted to work on my own dreams and skills. After a lot of frustration and desires I started creating my own shows with what I had, cause I just had to step out and do something. In 2008 I started with small living room shows and in 2013 I organized a bigger show with a whole team of poets and musicians. We played this in a theatre for the community. The show was named: The Voice of A Woman. I wanted to share the stories of five different women with totally different backgrounds. 5  different stories about the ups and downs and self esteem in a women’s life. It was a great poetry& talk show. The only thing I got stuck with where the financial aspects. Being a creative artist I noticed that there are a lot creative people out there, but they don’t know so much about the business aspects. They know about creativity, but not so much about entrepreneurship. That is one of the reasons I decided to write and keep a blog. Besides being a poet or an actress I want to share helpful info to anyone out there that want to use their talents to work on their own dreams.

I experienced difficulty in being an artist like not having any financial support to do the work. I’m constantly brainstorming for new innovative ways and ideas on how to create shows and workshops that I can sell not only as an artist but also as an entrepreneur. I constantly ask myself where do I see a problem in the creative scene? What could I bring? And I have noticed two things. A lack of cultural diversity in the art scene here in The Netherlands. And a lack of knowledge about entrepreneurship in the creative scene as well in the community of cultural diversity. There is still a too big of a contrast. That is also one of the reasons I started to blog. As a black girl born in the Caribbean, growing up in The Netherlands, loving theatre, acting and poetry I feel I need to share as much of information about entrepreneurship that I known. That is also one of the reasons I decided to start talking about the Journey of a Creative Artist. No makeovers, but the truth.

In September I will be having a few more poetry&talkshows with The Voice of A Woman. I’ve also planned to do a fundraising campaign so that we have the opportunity to perform some more shows in different theatres, schools and community centers. My goal with my shows are to inspire and encourage young ladies and women, to talk about self esteem, faith, dreams and other things we as women all go through but never talk about.

This is the story about my journey on entrepreneurship.

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