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woensdag 1 juli 2015

Blog Challenge Day 3

Recently I bought a new book. I have fallen in love with reading books. So after reading Donald Trumps The way to success I bought TALK LIKE TED. I'm always reading and researching to see what all successful people have in common? I have noticed one thing they all have in common is great communication skills. They know how to present themselves in the best way possible, they know how to sell a project or an idea, they know how to get that fundraising or how to get that loan from the bank. I also believe the saying: Fortune favors the bold  
So I have been reading this book about TED TALK and there is something very interesting I want to share with you about launching a successful presentation. They call it the 3 Ps. Passion, Practice, Presence.

Passion: the 1st thing you have to keep in mind when you want to launch an idea or project. Be passionate about the topic. If you don’t love what you do, if you don't have a passion for that what you are doing? Soon as giants come your way the chances are big that you will quit what you are doing. The people that love what they do are usually the ones that find success. If you don’t have any passion or connection with what you are doing you are actually just wasting your time. Life is more than just making money. It's about finding your purpose and doing what you have been called to do. There are rich people out there making tons of money and not happy with life at all. So you have to be passionate about the thing you are doing and the idea you are selling.

Practice: the second P in presenting an idea or project is Practice, practice, practice. All the great speakers weren’t born as great speakers. They all had to practice for hours to become the best speakers they are today. No one gets born being successful. They say it takes 10.000 hours to master a skill. I believe in today's society, people often forget that everything has a process. Too many times it feels like the world only share success stories without sharing the hard work behind it. It would be an encouragement for people to push through when they also hear the ugly, fighting, crying, ruff part of a success story.

An example I would like to use is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs has been called to be one of the most charismatic business leaders in the world. His presentations have been called one of the best and inspiring presentations out there. That hasn’t always been like that. There has been a video shared online, where he had an interview in the mid 70’s. They say he was using notes he was nervous and looking pretty stiff. Can you believe it, using notes, nervous and being stiff. Steve Jobs? Think about all the things we would have missed if he decided to quit after a not so good presentation or even worse, after being fired from his own company. Yes around 1985 at 30 years old the board of his own company fired him. How crazy is that, being fired from the company you build. But his setback was a setup for a bigger, greater and better comeback. And there are many more stories like this. Read the story of Donald Trump, also very inspiring. It all comes down that the road to success is falling and getting back up again. Lately I have been asking myself who ever came up with the word failure. We shouldn’t be talking about failure, failure is a negative word. Everything and every step that we take no matter the size should be seen as a learning process. How can there be failures in life. Life is unique and special, nothing that we do in life should be seen as a failure but as life experiences. We need all small parts of the puzzle to complete the whole puzzle. How then can we see the small parts as a failure??? So that is a word that actually should be deleted out life’s dictionary. Practice makes perfect!
Presence: The way we move and walk the talk. While rehearsing your presentation you have to pay attention to how you sound (verbal delivery) and on how you look (body language). Do you believe what you say? If you don’t believe what you say, it will be seen in your whole body language. Be aware of your verbal and body language. How high or low is the speed you talk with? Do you speak loud or soft? What is the pitch you use? High or low inflections, do you use short pauses to punch keywords? Keep these things in mind whenever you are planning to launch an idea, speech or project. If you want to read more about this subject I highly recommend you to buy the book TALK LIKE TED. Especially if you want to learn more about communication, presentation and connecting with your audience. Every entrepreneur should learn how to communicate in the best way he or she can. And not only entrepreneurs, but also everyday people. Cause the way we communicate, the way we present ourself and our ideas is so important. It would be a missing chance, a big lost if you had a great idea but don't know how to sell it.
So don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard. Step out your comfort zone and challenge yourself daily to the next level. Fortune favors the bold!

I have a little surprise for everyone that wants to go into it a little bit deeper. If you have never heard of TED TALK you can also check it out online to see and learn more about great presentations. There is so much free information available to us through the internet. Just take a look. I personally loved the TED TALK by Caroline Casey. She is a great inspiration, check it out and you will understand why?

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,


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