zondag 5 juli 2015

Blog Challenge Day 5 - Crowdfunding!

Yesterday I was on the set the whole day. It was a long, hot day. But I didn’t mind, cause I was there doing what I love to do: Acting. While I was waiting on my scene’s to be filmed I had some great conversations with the people that were working behind the scene’s. I was talking about my career plans. That is how I ended up on talking about crowdfunding sources for creative, innovative and educational projects. That is the information I want to share.

As a creative artist I know you might have tons of ideas or projects you want to complete. You have the best ideas on how to change the world, how to eat healthier, a life changing app, you know that the idea you have is a million dollar idea. Or maybe you just want to do something good for your community or for a specific group. You wonder and wonder If you could only get the right people to see your vision. It may feel like your limited cause you may not know the right people that could help invest in your ideas. Well, I hope that these tips may help you a step closer in realizing your dreams.
Times have changed and with the changes in technology and social media, we have so much more and other opportunities to raise money for our projects and ideas. We are not dependent on banks and rich fathers anymore. There is a whole new world outside there. It calls Crowdfundings. Crowd what? Crowdfunding.
You may have heard it before, be familiar with it or know someone who ever used it. I know someone that raised up 10.000$ for medical reasons. I also know that here in The Netherlands it’s yet not so familiar as in The States, but it’s growing more and more. I myself am about to use it for my own Poetry&Talkshow project. So continue to follow me if you want to stay up to date about my Poetry&Talkshow: The Voice of A Woman.

For all of you I have listed 3 of the best crowdfunings platforms that are out there and have proven the be worth to be in the top 3 list.
There are so many crowdfunding platforms out there, I thought it would be nice to know which are the ones you should definitely use if you are planning to raise money with crowdfunding. These are crowdfunding platforms you can use for everything you can imagine. So check it out.

1. Kickstarter
Kickstarter is a fundraising platform for everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter works with big and small projects. Any project is welcome, no matter the size. Since 2009, 9 million people have participated and raised up more than $1.8 billion, funding 88,000 creative projects. So do you have an idea or a project you want to do, why wait? Step out and take the first step to get your dream out there. Kickstarter

2. Indiegogo
I personally like the website and the clear instructions you get from Indiegogo. I have put up my concept and will be launching it later this year. Indiegogo is also a fundraising platform for anything you could imagine. For education, medical, arts, sports, business, community, technology anything. They started in 2008 and millions of people have participated. It’s a great platform and I personally heard great successful stories from Indiegogo. Indiegogo

3. Crowdfunder
While I was doing researches on the best crowdfunding platforms I came across Crowdfunder. It’s a crowdfunding platform being used within the states. It’s a platform for  raising investment. There are great businesses, celebrities, organizations and even the white house investing in great ideas and projects for entrepreneurs. I read that this is the fastest growing platform where successful investors, invest in new upcoming entrepreneurs or any other creative idea's. I saw a short video clip where they were on Fox News.
So if you have a great business plan or idea step out and contact Crowdfunder!

So I hope I  was able to help you with some resources that may help you starting your business or realizing that project you have been putting off because of finances. All roads lead to Rome.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,


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