maandag 6 juli 2015

Blog Challenge Day 7 - Spotlight Interview with an African Fashion Designer

Earlier this year I got this great idea. As a creative artist I knew how tough the road sometimes can be for creative people. I wanted to spotlight all creative, innovative, inspiring people and give them a platform to share their story online. Usually you only get to see interviews of those who already made it to the top! I wanted to interview the journey of those who are on their way to the top! I believe people get more inspired by the stories they can truly relate to. I know I get inspired by hearing stories from people that really had to fight to get on the top! People like Nick Vujicic   His story will definitely change your perspective on problems in life and inspire you to live and work with what you have to the fullness. This is what my friend Mariana Zinga does. She is a hard worker going to school and has 2 jobs. An investment cause she has a dream. She is an African Fashion designer and just won a Fashion Award in Amsterdam. Listen to her whole story on: The Journey Of A Creative Artist

Let me know if you liked the interview. And if you loved it and would like to be interviewed to just let me know? I would love to hear the stories about your journey.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,


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