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zondag 5 juli 2015

Blog Challenge Day 6 - Something Personal

This should be a very fun and easy blog to write. Talking about me, my own experiences. So let’s start. Anyone that knows me, knows I have a big love, A huge love, an inspirational, creative and challenging love for her. She lives across the ocean. When I talk about her I get butterflies inside, when I hear people calling her name everything inside of me lightens up. I don’t know what it is but I have a huge crush on Los Angeles.

I love her, I can’t stop talking about her. Whenever I’m at the airport, I just look at all the people that are walking around with their suitcases and then I start daydreaming about all the great holiday's I had in Los Angeles. I see myself walking and checking in, getting through the board, waiting to get in line to get on the airplane. In the airplane I always want to sit next to the window. Just like a child, I want to see the view, there are so many things I see through the clouds. My imagination goes wild and takes me to places I have never been when I look outside. Arriving at night is the best view you can get when you come to L.A

What is it that I love about Los Angeles?
The atmosphere. The weather, the sun, the ocean, the trees, the acting, spoken word/ poetry and stage plays. I have met some great inspiring and loving people out there. I love the motivation and support from the people around you. The creativity from starters to professionals. I love the whole inspirational and creative environment. In a land with so many opportunities and things to do, you cannot sit still. At least I can’t.
So, one of the things I usually do when I go to L.A is taking classes. Acting and Poetryclasses. There are so many qualify, great and affordable classes and workshops out there for everyone. Being born in the Caribbean makes me love the sun even more, so when I get to wake up in a place where there is sun, lovely breezes and great platforms to work on my skills, I feel like this is it! And having great, inspiring, powerful gospel churches preaching the word of God and singing praises that is when I can say, Yes I feel complete! That is the reason why I love L.A.

It is so important to be in a place where you can do what you love to do and be who you are. It also motivates to be surrounded by people that see your potentials and who believe in you. There has been a time when I felt really stuck in life. After graduating and not being able to find the job of my life I started to feel like I wasn’t being myself anymore. I wasn’t doing what I felt I was called to do. I was looking for work in the field I was hoping to work after graduation. But after writing and writing and sending my resume all around the place, I started to lose an inner strength and joy I had while I was still in school. In school, I felt I was getting ready for something. When I finished school that something turned out not be what it was supposed to be. But even when I felt stuck cause I couldn't find the job of my dreams, I felt this strong feeling knowing there is more inside of me. That feeling kept pushing me not to settle. I couldn’t clearly see where I was going, but I knew I had to do something. And that I had to keep the Faith, no matter my circumstances.

It couldn’t be that God created me just to give me a glimpse of joy and happiness and what could have been my life. As a firm believer I believe God gives us all talents and gifts to use so we can be a light in the world. Each and every person in his/her own way.  I believe that we are all made for greatness. We don’t all have to be the next president, but we can all be the best of ourselves in all that we do.  I also believe we all get or own dreams to complete. We shouldn’t go running to others to ask if they like our dreams. If God gives you a dream or a plan it is up to you to step out in faith and to work it out and not to someone else. Each and every person gets his/her own dream to fulfill. Unfortunately, not everybody takes that step of Faith cause of fear, doubt or any other reason. I hope you will not let fear, doubt or anything stop you to step out in Faith and to complete what you have been called to do. You can trust on it that you already have inside of you all that you need, to complete the task. Keep your eyes open cause God send recourses to you through different people and in different ways. And no matter what, always keep the Faith!

(A piece of me :) My funny and lovely experience on Santa Monica Beach. Unfortunately, I cannot turn the video, I tried everything)

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,


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