vrijdag 3 juli 2015

Blog Challenge Day 4

Why are you not doing anything more with your show? 

Last year I had an amazing opportunity to perform my own production on stage. The production was a poetry and talkshow 2 in 1. In a creative way I wanted to talk about the highs and lows in a women's life and what influences that has on our self esteem. It was a wonderful, blessed show with spoken word, dance, music and art. All of these were in line with The Voice of A Woman. That was also the name of my show. Having the opportunity to bring this to other young ladies and females was a dream come true. We talked about women's issues that we normally don’t talk about in the open. We opened this dialogue with the audience by sharing our own stories through poetry first. We actually showed them our own vulnerability. What opened the door for the audience to share their stories. It was a beautiful and uplifting show. We talked about eating disorders, destructive relationships and the absence of a male rolmodel in the family, we talked about real and fake hair. These topics brought beautiful and inspiring discussions to the table. The discussions we normally don’t talk about.

Well, you probably think what is then the problem?
Well, after performing the show 3 times I wanted to continue, that has always been my dream. It was and it is my desire to bring the message to the young girls and ladies out there. I felt that I was finally being rewarded for all the hard work I did for the show. And for a moment I was. Unfortunately, I was not able to bring my show out there again. People sometimes forget that every project needs money. And so with this project? For my first 3 shows I invested all that I had in my show. Which I don’t regret at all. I absolutely believe in investing. That is one of the reasons I work so hard and travel 4 hours a day to go to my work. Not because I love all the traveling hours daily, but because I’m on a mission with a vision.

Well the thing that annoys me is that I have to explain  it over and over again, when people ask me about the show. Have you stopped? Why are you not doing anything? The answer is. No, I have not stopped, and I would love to perform my show in every theatre if I would get the change to bring my show out there once again. But the ugly truth is that even the small theatres ask for big money out here in The Netherlands. I would love to bring the show on stage again, of course. But the prices should be made much more affordable. Especially for individuals or small beginner groups. By asking prices from 1000$ minimum to rent a theatre makes it almost impossible for us smaller groups to share our productions. You would think that the theatres would have an understanding for small groups or beginners. Knowing that the economy has had a big attack on creative entrepreneurs. But they don't. There should be more cooperation between the big arts organizations and the creative entrepreneurs. Either a group or an individual. For example, being an individual artist I am not allowed to ask any subsidy. For that I have to become a foundation or a company first. But what If I want to discover and master the art of entrepreneurship first as a freelancer before I start building up a whole company. Building up a company or foundation brings a big responsibility with it. Not only for yourself, but also for others. And maybe you have not met the right people you want to work with and still have great ideas and projects. Than this system blocks you because you're not registered as a company or foundation. This I think is so irritating about the system.

To all the people out there, it’s not that I don’t want to, I am working and figuring out other ways to find sponsors and to start different crowdfunding campaigns so I can continue the show: The Voice of A Woman. Cause it’s my heart's desire to create productions and go around the globe to build up self esteem of other women who don’t know their uniqueness and gifts. Not because you haven’t seen me out in the field for a while doesn't mean I’m not working on my dreams.

Extra information: There are gonna be more shows in the future, I had 2 great meetings yesterday with new opportunities for the show. Follow me and stay up 2 date :)

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,

Nadira Jansen

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