woensdag 26 april 2017

A long walk through the desert

One of my poems I recorded last week. Wanted to share but didn't totally complete the whole message yet. Wanted to do it over until it was perfect. One of the life lessons God is teaching me don't wait for perfection. He didn't wait until I was perfect to reach out to me. I was a sinner lost, confused and broken. That is the same way with life. If you wait until all your circumstances are perfect you will never make a step. We have been taught that everything has to be perfect, we wear masks in life to cover up our true identity, we create walls around our hearts, we use filters to make our lives look perfect on the outside. We basically have been thought to ignore that what is pure, that what is real, that what is truth. The day I embraced the living water that was offered to me. God took down every wall, every lie I believed to be truth and started to renew my mind and transform me. When we get a clear understanding who we are, whose we are? What we are capable of and why we are here? Mountains will move, giants will fall, the atmosphere will shift and the mask of this world will come down. You were born for more than just a job, you are not here to take up space, make some money, eat live and die. You were born for such a time as this, you were born to make a difference, You were born to make a change. Seek wisdom, seek knowledge, seek understanding, pray for revelations.


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