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woensdag 26 april 2017

Commercial Op is Op Voordeelshop

Family here it is. My commercial campaign for Op is Op voordeelshop.
Commercials will be seen on sbs6, Veronica, Net 5 en sbs9.
Radio commercials on 538, Skyradio en 100%NL
It was an amazing experience. Always loved acting, act crazy on stage and behind the mirror. (I still do that once in a while 😂) And when that audition came up. I really believed and claimed it was for me. I remember as a child, I used to dream, I used to dream big. Since I was little girl God placed great visions in my heart. Visions beyond my own imagination. Then somewhere along the way of growing up and disappointment after graduation and feeling trapped between a job where I cannot grow and develop that what God placed inside of me, and the same monthly bills over and over again. I started to loose pieces of me. Pieces of that adventurous girl living inside of me. I am a woman of purpose and believe we all have a purpose in life. Nobody is here just to take up space. I'm not there yet. The things that I am doing are just a beginning. When I was in Los Angeles and New York, away from the daily routine, I realized how much I neglected that girl inside of me, how much I neglected that, what gives me joy. I really try to guard my heart that I don't forget who I am, what I love to do and where I want to go. At the end of my road I don't want to die with all these dreams, thoughts and visions inside of me. I don't want to leave this place and missed the hope and future God has for me. I don't want to spend the best of my life selling myself, my talents and gifts to build up someone elses dream. I pray that you too will open up and listen to that spontaneous, adventurous girl or boy living inside of you. Too many times we forget about ourselves, we stop dreaming because we lost hope and faith. And then we get cut up in this rat race of life. I want to encourage you don't stop dreaming. There is a reason, a purpose why God placed these dreams and desires in your heart. Having a vision in life is so important. In the word of God, Salomo, the wisest man that ever lived said: Without a vision the people perish. We all need a vision that rises up the spirit within us. It is so important that we know who we are and whose we are. In God we find secret keys that will unlock the talents and gifts He placed inside of us, for a divine purpose. "Live your life or life will outlive you."

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